Our fleet of luxury portable shepherds hut toilets and showers come ready to go; fully stocked with toilet rolls, eco-friendly hand wash, hand soaps and shower gels. If having our Rustic Restrooms at your event wasn’t special enough, we do have some optional extras to make your event EVEN more special. Check these out below!

If you are planning a large event or just love our Rustic Restrooms that much that you want them for additional days or want them for long term use, then why not take advantage of our pump out service.

Although our loos can usually hold all the waste from a single day’s use, those of you that maybe planning a BBQ for the following day after your wedding or are having a longer event will need a pump out to make sure the tanks don’t overflow. Trust us, no one wants to clean that mess up!

Our toiletry baskets are a great way of making sure your guests can freshen up during your special event. We have all been there, a few hours on the dance floor and you need a spruce up.

Our toiletry baskets are supplied with his and hers high-end refreshments, hair and beauty products (including those essential sanitary items!) displayed in wicker baskets for your guest’s convenience throughout the evening.

We can also add custom items to your baskets so do discuss specific requests with us if you have something in mind as we’d love to help!

Our flip flop tired feet baskets are perfect for your female guests who have danced the day or night away!

We will supply you with a wicker basket full of flip flops for you guests to use and keep afterwards. We price this up based on the number of flip flops you require.

Although our loos are always supplied spotless and in tip-top condition… after a few hours of prosecco or wine, even the cleanest and most respectful of guests can struggle with their aim, right?!

If you add on our toilet attendant service, we will discreetly ensure that the loos remain spotless throughout the duration of your event.

Although we always supply spare loo roll, with a toilet attendant there is no worry of falling short, leaving you and your guests to enjoy your event to the fullest!

Dress your shepherds hut with up lighters in any colour or warm white, and fairy lights all over.

It looks the bees knees once the sun sets.

Have us put coconut matting outside your shepherds hut loo.

Get your guests talking with personalised toilet roll. Have your event name printed on your toilet roll or maybe it’s your wedding and you fancy making your guests laugh with your names and your wedding date!

This optional extra definitely gets people talking. If you would like this option then we usually work with you to work out how many personalised toilet rolls you’d like for the first few hours of your event and then we advise to go onto our normal non-personalised toilet roll. 

We offer amazing products as standard with all our shepherds hut toilet hires. We have been asked many times for upgrade options when it comes to our hand washes, so we do have an option where you can upgrade the hand washes, and we’ll add in moisturisers into the ladies loos too, with special hand picked designers that we work with.

Mmmm, they smell amazing!

You can hire one of our generators. These are charged at a daily rate. An extra deposit is required if you go for this service. 


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