At Rustic Restrooms, all enquires are dealt with us personally, with each response and competitive quote bespoke to that enquiry. We receive a lot of questions about our luxury shepherds hut Rustic Restrooms so we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them below for you!

Each Rustic Restroom has its own unique features and its own starting price. The Big Shepherd starts from £995, The Small Shepherd starts from £895 and The Mini Shepherd starts from £795. Due to each event being so unique with their own specific event timings, couple this with varying travel costs based on the different locations of events, we cannot provide a set price for our units, which is why we have a “starting” price.

We do deal with every inquiry on a personal basis and work with you to give you the best price for one of our Rustic Restrooms to attend your special event. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours, but often much sooner. 

Visit The Mini Shepherd, The Small Shepherd and The Big Shepherd for more on their starting prices and for more about what they have to offer.

We are based in the South East, in Windsor, Berkshire. We do deliver anywhere in the UK as we know there are no other unique toilets like ours in England. We factor travel costs into each booking and this will be discussed with you at the time of inquiry.

We do like to promote local bookings as much as possible as we are all about saving the planet!

We get extremely busy and our Rustic Restrooms huts are booked up far in advance (sometimes years!).

Contact us below or email and we will discuss your requirements and then get your booking secure. 

For bookings outside of season, a deposit will be required to secure your booking. Full payment will be required 4 weeks before your event. We will email or call you between 2-4 weeks before your event to check the final details of your event. 

For in season bookings, we take full payment at the time of booking.

For as long as you like! We supply our Rustic Restrooms for one day events, two day events and much longer events.

Although our loos can usually hold all the waste from a single day’s use, those of you that are planning a BBQ event for the following day or are having a longer event, will need a pump out service to make sure the tanks don’t overflow. Trust us, no wants to clean that mess up!

If you are planning a large event or just love our Rustic Restrooms that much you want them for additional days use, then you will need to take advantage of our ‘Pump Out’ service. We can make everything possible for you!

Our Rustic Restrooms arrive at your event smelling lush and in pristine condition. They are very low maintenance and when used respectfully they will easily last the duration of your event. Each of our units has its own unique capacity size for the number of guests for 8 to 10 hours of usage. These capacities have been calculated using real-life events and are proven to be more than sufficient. Trust us!

If you would like to increase the capacity of one of our Rustic Restrooms then please request the optional extra of a ‘Pump Out‘ when booking. You can also request for one of our trusted toilet attendants to attend your event to discreetly maintain the unit, completing ongoing cleaning and keeping it fully stocked with toilet roll.

Our Rustic Restroom will be delivered and set up at your event. You and your guests will be able to use our Rustic Restroom during the entirety of your event. We will then come to collect it when you are done. All of our Rustic Restroom fleet arrive at your event in pristine condition and fully stocked with toilet rolls, eco-friendly hand washes (with spares stored in the discreet storeroom at the back of the hut).

If you would like a toilet attendant at your event, then we do offer this service as an optional extra. The role of our toilet attendants is to discreetly maintain your Rustic Restroom throughout your event, completing ongoing cleaning and restocking the facilities.

All of our Rustic Restroom are built on road-legal chassis which makes them fully mobile; that’s why we can deliver them to across the UK. All we need at the location of your event is good access, an area of relatively level ground to park up and enough space for the unit (check specifications section of each page).

If you are worried about whether the surface of the area is suitable for one of our units then feel free to get in touch so we can talk it through with you. Previously our Rustic Restrooms have parked up on grass, tarmac, concrete and many other surfaces.

Upon confirming your booking of one of our Rustic Restrooms, we will work with you to arrange the best time to deliver and collect. Our drivers are trusted members of the Rustic Restrooms team. Typically, we deliver your Rustic Restroom to your desired location one or two days before the start of your event and collect the hut the day after your event has finished.

Our Rustic Restrooms require an electricity supply of 16 amps with a current draw of 13 amps or a standard plug socket connected to the mains. This powers our vintage-style lighting and our heating systems to provide hot water for taps. To put it into context, a 16 amp is the standard output of a high-power outdoor socket typically run from a generator.

If you supply power to the location you’d like the hut, we can take care of the rest.

If you are unsure of whether you have sufficient power supply or how to power a Rustic Restroom then please do get in touch and we will do our best to assist you. You can also hire a generator from us if you would prefer, check our optional extras to find out more.

Our Rustic Restrooms are delivered to your event sparkling and smelling lush. We complete a deep clean of each Rustic Restroom the day after an event and again the day before it attends an event.

We use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals which leave long-lasting fragrances to mask any unwelcome smells. In addition, we also have a range of automatic air fresheners discreetly installed into each toilet and washroom to keep our units smelling amazing throughout.

Our Rustic Restroom are all built on trailers and are accessed by sturdy metal steps. This means that they may be difficult to access for people with a disability. If you have any questions about accessing our Rustic Restrooms then please feel free to get in touch.

Our toilets are totally self-contained so do not need water. If you wish to use the showers in the Mini Shepherd then a water supply will be needed.

Toilets – no water supply needed. All of the toilets are self-contained which means that they recirculate their water supply using filters and the loveliest smelling additive so there will be no smell.

Showers – yes a water supply is needed. If you are hiring one of our Rustic Restrooms to use our rustic-style showers in the Mini Shepherd, then you will need to provide access to a water supply. This can be via a garden hose.

Toilets – no. Our Rustic Restrooms are self-contained which means that there is a freshwater tank built into our trailers for hand washing which once used is collected in the built-in waste collection tanks. The contaminated water storage has an odour neutralising additive to prevent any nasty smells and will be emptied by us when we collect the units.

If you would like one of our units for an additional day, then you can request a ‘Pump Out‘ for your event so that the units can be emptied by us between functions. If you would like to arrange long term hire, then we can arrange for the units to be hard plumbed to a large external waste tank.

Showers – yes. If you are hiring one of our luxury shower units then you will need to provide a drainage facility at the location of your event. Drainage facilities can be standard drains or a soakaway area. If you have any questions about whether your drainage area is sufficient please get in touch and we can help.

Waste water cannot be drained into a river.

Included in our hire charge is 24-hour emergency support. We will provide you with an emergency contact number and we will either assist you over the phone or come out to see you so please do not worry. Issues are usually due to misuse with people putting things that they shouldn’t down the sink or toilet but we will talk through the dos and don’t when we deliver your hut.

Lots of portable toilet hire companies will ask you to sort your own insurance out (costing you more) but we are different. Our huts are fully insured on site at your event so we make it hassle free for you. We do ask that you take care of our huts when they are at your event. We will hitch lock and wheel clamp our huts during delivery.

Deposits are non-refundable as we would have declined other bookings on the basis of your booking. However, in the extreme and unusual circumstances such as another pandemic outbreak, if you re-book a new date within 3 months, your deposit will be transferred to the new date. We cannot offer a refund if your event is cancelled.

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Well, don’t delay and get in touch. Our booking process is quick and simple. 

Fill out our booking form with information of when, where and what event you are planning, with an estimated number of your daytime and evening guests and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

You can also email us on or give us a call on 07841 997 962 if you’d prefer to talk through anything.